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Tartufo Bianco


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An exclusive
luxury sparkling wine
for connoisseurs

Immediately after opening, the delicate scent of fresh, white truffles unfolds. A first-class sparkling wine for truffle lovers for whom enjoyment is the focus. An intense and fresh bouquet with a guaranteed truffle flavor and persistent finish. Ideal as a noble aperitif and as a versatile culinary companion. An aromatic luxury sparkling wine refined with an extract from real white truffles (Tuber magnatum).
The elegant bottles also impress with their elegant and timeless design. The gold-embossed labels give the luxury sparkling wine the appropriate elegance and the extra dark bottles protect the valuable contents. Every single neck bow is attached by hand at ZUNANI.
Experience exclusive and luxurious taste moments with the ZUNANI Tartufo Bianco Spumante.

Residual sugar content

Switzerland, Italy and Austria

Alcohol content
9.5% vol.


Two-disc natural cork

Clear and champagne colored

Bottle pressure
6 bar for a fine and elegant perlage

Flavor profile
A wonderful composition of a fruity, sweet and aromatic base wine with a fine Piedmont truffle note

Intense bouquet of natural Piedmont truffles

Allergen warning
Contains sulfites and barley

Serving suggestion
This luxury sparkling wine deserves to be drunk independently and exclusively

Recommended drinking temperature